Ashworth Charitable Trust

Registered Charity No. 1045492

Our Vision Statement

The Ashworth Charitable Trust (“the Trust”) is a small grant-making charity. It was created primarily to support humanitarian causes operating locally, nationally and internationally, as opposed to animal or utilitarian projects. For the most part, the Trust looks to fund projects and not core funding.

The work of the Trust is informed by a set of underlying principles:

The Trust prefers to help fund humanitarian projects and activities that share this vision and that have any of these characteristics:

Irrespective of an applicant’s sphere of operation, whether it be at a local, national or international level, it is a pre-requisite of any funding by the Trust that the applicant must have charitable status in the United Kingdom, namely that it must have a charity registration number and that that such status should be capable of verification with any one or all of the following bodies: -